Saturday, 24 September 2016

Shocking!!! A Virgin Teenage Girl In Douala Puts To Birth

A virgin teenage girl puts to birth in Douala.

The girl who's name is said to be Patricia is a young Cameroonian of age 13, has reportedly given birth to a baby while she is still a virgin since she has never had sex. A pupil in a school in Douala, Patricia noticed some changes in her body and she had to tell her family about it, and they later took her to the hospital and they noticed the little girl was pregnant while she has never had sex reports Le Soir newspaper.

The doctors at the hospital confirmed the hymen of the girl is still in contact which means the girl is still a virgin. The question her family members are asking is how did she get pregnant?
After thorough Investigation in the family, it was noticed that the young Patricia had used a towel that her elder sister used to clean two days earlier after having sex with her companion. Since a sperm has a lifespan of 72 hours, the sperm had time to migrate to the ovules of the girl.
To preserve the virginity of Patricia, a caesarean section was performed.
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  1. I heard story like this before and thought it was a lie. Am still to digest this miracle. Did she wipe her privates with it? Abeg what if it was inserted by syringe? Some people can spoil people future oh.