Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Voice Afrique Sets To Premiere In October On Vox Africa

The biggest music show in the world "The Voice" has finally come to the French speaking part of Africa all thanks to the PanAfrican TV Vox Africa. The fever of the voice Afrique is building up as the date of the premiere draws nearer. Th show which will travel around 17 African countries to bring the best of talented singers across these countries will be coming soon on your TV screen all brought to you by Vox Africa, will be premiering on October 15.

The Voice Afrique will be a 17 episodes of epic entertainment and fun as the best singer will be crowned the ever first winner of this show.

Talking of the judges, The Voice scouted the best of French speaking African music legends to pilot the show not leaving out one of Africa's biggest media personality Claudy Siar to host the show. The judges include Charlotte Dipanda from Cameroon, Salif Troare from Ivory Coast, Lokwa Kanza from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Singuila from Congo. These four talented African music icon will show their expertise on the show and will act as the coach to the singers.

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