Saturday, 8 October 2016

Christa Eka Assam Wins Big At The Abuja International Film Festival

Christa Eka is not a new name to the Cameroonian film industry, she is an actress, film producer and an award winner.

Christa who started her film acting career in 2006 as an catress has now picked other roles like writing directing and producing, many actors finds it hard to juggle between these roles but Christa has stood out not only for the great roles she plays as an actress but also as a great film maker. The award winner has been seen participating in many film festival around the world for her interesting short movies especially her latest movie Alma.
The movie Alma has made many appearances on several film festivals after it left its editing room , and has won numerous awards. It's a movie that has caught the attention of film lovers around the world. Her recent winning was last night at the just ended Abuja international film festival yesterday that won again another award as the best short film.

Many Cameroonian film makers were there to celebrate this awards which is a plus for the whole Film  industry in Cameroon. Congrats to Christa, keep repping girl😚
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