Thursday, 13 October 2016

Designer Spotlight: Cameroonian Designer Nuvi Creativee At The Accra Fashion Week

Meet Nuvi Abdull Gana the creative director and CEO of the Cameroonian clothing brand Nuvi Creativee Nuvi's passion for clothes making started at a very tender age and by age 18 he made his first design.

Fashion to him is a style of life accepted by individual that's changes in seasons and the evolution of human.
 After schooling in fashion and design institutions in more than 5 countries to improve and combine the Africa fashion world, his dreams to get his brands across the globe and to create the difference between a tailor and a designer, Nuvi was now ready to serve his client with classy designs. The designer just showcased his new collection called "Manyi" which is a twin collection with his inspiration from royalty.
His main intention of going to Accra for the fashion week was to know where he stands in the fashion world. Which according to him a lot still needs to be done. See some photos on the runway below...

We're super proud of this brother. Keep repping!!!!
Photo credit: Accra fashion week
Makeup: Spechelle Makeup
You can connect with Nuvi on;
Facebook @nuvicreativee
Instagram @nuvi
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