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#MCM #Crushing On Brains; Meet Arreytambe Tabot--Founder/CEO Edu Teens Science Development Foundation

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I know it's Monday and most people just want to get back to Friday right? But here is something to start up your week...pretty exciting stuff too .(wink)

So, it's man crush Monday...yay! 

So far we've crushed on abs, models, creativity, initiative, talent and many other things, but today we are crushing on something a little different in addition to all that...yeah you got that right; BRAINS!!!

He has been featured in foreign blogs, magazines and online platforms and has google as a partner (yep that's a big deal)  and well we thought he deserves some home recognition. Plus we are #team237 and yes we should toot our own horn a little bit!

Meet Arreytambe Tabot; Ph.D (in view)
Founder/CEO, Edu Teens Science Development Foundation, 

Arreytambe Tabot has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He is the Founder & CEO of the EduTeens Science Development Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Nigeria whose work is focused on improving student achievement, teacher effectiveness and overall school quality through the implementation of technology-led initiatives. 

Prior to this, he was the Deputy Head of Department for Computer Science at the Nile University of Nigeria where he was awarded the Google Computer Science for High Schools grant (1 of 4 recipients in the whole of Africa that year) for his work in promoting CS education in Secondary and High schools. He was also a member of the 4-man team that won first prize at the 1st African Grand Challenge in Arusha, Tanzania where they presented their idea to combat maternal sepsis through a Personal Interactive Voice Response System that makes use of mobile phones, Radio Frequency Identification and Voice Commands. 

He was a former Google Student Ambassador, and now serves as an Ambassador for the Next Einstein Forum, and an Ambassador for Global Education at A World at School. He was selected as one of 23 Young Global Social Change Makers for the White House Emerging Global Leaders Initiative-Atlas Corps Fellowship where he is serving as a Senior Software Engineer with the award-winning Social Enterprise, Affinis Labs. He has also been accepted into the November cohort of the highly prestigious and competitive INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program (ISEP) in Paris, France for Founders and CEOs.

He holds a BSc in Physics (minor in Computer Science), MSc in Computer Science and is currently rounding off his PhD in Computer Science at the African University of Science and Technology as an African Development Bank scholar. His interests lie in technology, education, youth development, and social entrepreneurship.

Okay...let's stop right here(takes in deep breath and exhales). For more info on Tabot, ask his partners (What I mean is, google him!) Yeah, he's all that (wink wink).

Tabot is a young man who intends to raise a new generation of great thinkers and problem solvers in Africa. Growing up, he engaged himself in many activities and programs that were dedicated to giving back to society. But he always felt like he wasn't doing enough.

 In his own words

 "I needed an entity bigger than my little self through which I could give back to my continent Africa in a more sustainable way. The ETSD Foundation therefore became that entity through which I will be able to extend myself and the work I was doing to places where I wouldn’t be able to go to as one individual limited in time and space. Through it many more people will be able to get involved in the causes we champion bringing about a more sustainable organization that will live well beyond its Founder."

You can also read more about Tabot by clicking on the following links;

Talk about making a difference!

This is an awesome program he has started in one African country, hopefully it can spread real quick to bring about the change we so desperately need.

Well, Tabot is not only all about suits...

There you have it!!! Tall and dark with brains? Yes please! #proudly237 !!!

This is exactly what we need in Africa, young men and women willing to go extra miles for a better future for the continent.

Stay tuned for all the latest gist and all the entertainment you need!

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  1. Above all of this. Tabot is a born again Jesus loving Christian and that is the secret ingredient in his successful story.

    1. Amen! To that @Jennifer! Christ in me the hope of glory and the Man who makes it all come alive! Thanks very much!

  2. Never knew he was a Cameroonian. Great writeup.

    1. Yes he is, thanks @anon 14:02

    2. Hahahah Yes @anon you are not alone. Many people think I am Nigerian!

  3. Absolutely Jenifer, a true brother n soldier of the cross. He is also a good footballer with the ability to play professionally if time n chance allows him. Well done tag team mate.

    1. Thanks for the comment...he is a man of many talents indeed

    2. Awwww my tag team mate @Sunny Maji. So glad to hear that from you bro. I am humbled!

  4. Absolutely Jenifer, a true brother n soldier of the cross. He is also a good footballer with the ability to play professionally if time n chance allows him. Well done tag team mate.

  5. Omg, so you know I have to have to show out. I can't believe I am related to you like it freaks me out to just think about it. So so proud of you.

    1. You must be very talented too @elvira B :)... thanks for stopping by

    2. Thanks hun @Elvira B. #SisterForLife

  6. Good one Tabot. I had the previledge of working on an idea with Great guy-focused, blessed, my caregroup leader and a Nigerian too ha ha.

  7. God bless your ideas Arreytambe Tabot. My first visit to this blog and I must say the writeup is superb.

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