Friday, 18 November 2016

Drama In Kenya As Man And Woman Get Stuck While Having Illicit Sex (PHOTOS,VIDEO)

A married woman in the Kenyan town of Kisii who had been committing adultery with a man living in their neighborhood got stuck in bed with him after her husband laced her with 'magun'.

According to the reports, the woman left her home on Thursday, November 17, to go have her usual romp in a hotel with her lover, but after they were done, the man could not pull out.

A massive crowd gathered outside the lodgings and with their help, the disgraced couple were carried to the husband, who in turn redirected them to the native doctor.

The native doctor did some African razzmatazz and freed the conjoined pair.

Western science calls this phenomenon 'penis captivus', a situation where the vaginal muscles uncontrollably clamps down on the penis. Science says an injection in the vaginal walls will make the muscles relax and release the penis, but in the African society, can science explain why 'penis captivus' happens after a woman has been laced with 'Magun'? Science also does not explain why the couple were disentangled AFTER the native doctor did some spiritual work on them.
Hmmmmm what will one not hear or see?
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