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Girl Boss Of The Week | Meet The BeautyPreNeur Anyi Asonganyi Of OZI International

Female entrepreneurs are successfully going it alone while women are increasingly breaking through the glass ceiling to take charge of major cosmetics companies.  
 There are countless talented makeup artists in Cameroon, but very few who also possess the entrepreneurial skills required to take their talent to the next level. Anyi has a enterprise to prove she's one of the selected few in the business.

 The beautiful Anyi has a long history in the industry having worked on numerous editorial shoots, billboard's and for many runway shows. Making people beautiful is her trademark but she wanted something more, all the while, Anyi's entrepreneurial spirit was itching to break out. So, with a mix of drive, determination, and a little bit of chutzpah, she simply picked up the bull by the horn and today the rest is history!
We spoke with the beautiful Anyi who is our girl boss of the week to find out a little bit more about how exactly she made her way to the top as one of the leading female makeup and fashion entrepreneurs of our timte. Sit back, get your pen ready, put your fashion hats on as we not only gisted but she shared with us her newest fashion baby in the house which is her new collection "THE  DIFFERENT" a collection that makes every woman stand out!

Glow Monat: Please introduce yourself to our readers?
Anyi:  I'm Anyi Asonganyi aka OZI, a Cameroonian, Fashion and Beauty Entrepreneur. My brand is Ozi International.

GM: What's your passion?
Anyi:  One of my biggest passions is money. Yes money! Don't ask me how. I am also passionate about helping others and making people look & feel good. I want people around me to be different; to stand out.

GM: What inspired you to become a professional makeup artist?
Anyi: I honestly can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't into makeup. I went to form one with a makeup kit and ensured everyone looked good for social events. Makeup and style came naturally to me. In primary school, I remember being very particular about every clothing item I wore right up to my socks & hair band. So I can safely say, I've always been a Mami nyanga (fashionista). I can't recall a particular moment when I was inspired/ or saw the light in relation to fashion and beauty. However, I started my professional career when I needed to make extra money during my studies and realized there's a need for makeup as everyone wanted to look good. This is when I started charging people for my makeup services and just like that the "business" was born.

GM: What has your greatest obstacle or challenge been?
Anyi: My greatest challenge so far has been managing all the different lines of the business by myself and staying sane! It is overwhelming to say the least. I am a makeup artist,makeup retailer, skincare expert and fashion designer. I have to try to balance the different businesses and ensure that one does not over shadow the other. It also makes it very hard to balance the other important things in my life.

GM: How did you overcome these obstacles?
Anyi: Before I used to take care of every facet of my business by myself. Now I have an entire management team that caters to my PR and business opportunities, a staff team that handles the day to day orders and a very efficient Personal Assistant. It's much easier now to distribute tasks to the various teams, though I have to admit I still struggle with this as I'm a perfectionist and it is really hard to give total control of a task to someone else. This is mainly due to the fact that, I usually have a very specific picture of the outcome in my mind. I have to give it to my team as they are truly amazing, which makes it much easier for me to relax & trust them entirely. They are a true blessing to my business and my personal life.

GM: What will you say is your greatest achievement so far?
Anyi:  My greatest achievement to date has been coming this far. So much of what is happening now was just a dream a few years back. Now that it is actually happening, it feels surreal.

GM: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Anyi:  In 10 years, I see myself defending the Ozi International brand worldwide. I see Ozi International as a true household name; a brand so big it cannot be contained by just one continent.
GM: What will you tell upcoming entrepreneurs, especially those in the makeup business in Cameroon?
Anyi: To upcoming entrepreneurs I would say "you have to put in the work!" People sometimes see the glitz and glamour but do not seem to understand the amount of work that has to go in to get those results. Things do not happen just because you dream about them or because it's your passion. You truly have to work very hard. It may take a while, I mean I started in 2007. So unless you are really passionate about what you are doing, you may give up or worse become really frustrated. If you are not passionate about something, drop it ... Now! For those in makeup my advice would be: practice, practice and practice some more till your wrists and elbows can relax! Keep up with new techniques and invest in various professions training programs that will help enhance your skill & your brand. I know what I'm about to say is cliché but it truly boils down to HARDWORK.

GM: Any thing you'll like to share with us?
Anyi:  Ozi International just unveiled "The Different Collection". It is fresh, Different and sure to make you stand out! After all, being regular is boring right hahaha. Trust Ozi International to always come up with different styles and even exceed your expectation.
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