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The Perfect Cameroonian Eru Recipe

Eru is one food that the first time I ever tasted it, I fell in love with it. We had some Nigerians neighbours at grand Ma’s house and they loved cooking eru every Sunday. When its Sunday I’ll make sure I do what ever she asked me to do cos I know in the evening a bowl of hot eru awaits me! Lol😉...
We will always beg mum to try and start cooking eru too , but she told us she never loved the eru soup. The first time my sister and I tried cooking eru we were so happy. Slowly mum started loving it and she had to learn how to cook it well just for us and I can tell you mum cooks the best eru ever.

Eru leaf, botanically known as Gnetum africanum is a climbing leafy vegetable that belongs to the family of Gnetaceae.
While the Western world refer to eru leaf as wild spinach or wild vegetable, different African countries have different names for eru leaf examples; Congo call it fumbua, KoKo; Nigerians call it afang, okazi, ukazi; Cameroonians call it okok, m’fumbua, or fumbua, eru, and they are been prepared differently in every part. Eru leaf is an excellent source of aspartic acid, dietary fibre, cysleine, protein, vitamins, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, manganesse, potassium, copper, glutamic acid, leucine and essential amino acids that are required by the body.
In Cameroon eru is been cooked in several ways, the people of the centre cook theirs with grilled groundnut and palm fruits and its called okok, the people of the littoral region notably the bassa people cook theirs with melon seeds and palmnuts fruits as well and they also called it okok. But that which is the most eatable and likeable is that of the Bayangi people which is what many Cameroonians and outsiders loves eating. Their eru is super tasty with so many obstacles in it and it can be enjoyed with either garri or water fufu (fermented cassava) though my mum eats hers with ibu coco or even plantains. You love eru? And you want to get the secret of cooking a tasty, tender and green eru? Well you’re at the right place. As easy as it may look, having the real texture of a yummy  eru it’s not that easy, but all I have to say is welcome to my kitchen lol😉 I’ll give you some trick when it comes cooking the perfect Cameroonian eru.
Do's: Always mix your eru away from the burner, this helps the eru to remain green.
Don’ts: Don’t over cook your eru for the first day as continuous warming might make it so tender and darker.
Don’t mix your eru on the burner, though the eru leaf is kind of papery and strong it might easily loose its colour since its a vegetable.
Do not put too much oil when cooking your eru, you don’t want to spoil your eru by making it too oily, do you?

 For the recipe today I took out time to weigh each ingredients making sure you get to understand my recipe as ABC...

Prep time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 1h45minutes
Serves: 12

*1kg of sliced eru
* 800g of water leaf or spinach
*600g of cow meat
*1kg of Canada (cow skin)
* red oil
*3 pepper, ground
*300g of Cray fish
*500g of assorted smoked fish
*4 cubes of maggi (divided)
*1 cube of maggi crevette

Step1: After preparing all your ingredients, wash the eru and water leaf and place in a colander, season the meat put in the pot and place on the fire. Let it cook until tender, if you have a pressure cooker you can boil the meat there as its much easier to get soft when using a pressure cooker. You can leave it to cook for about an hour if you’re not using a pressure cooker.

Step2: Pour in the cow skin and assorted smoked fish to the pot containing the meat. Let it cook for another 20 minutes until its soft as well.

Step3: Take your sliced and washed water leaf and pour in the pot containing the meat, cow skin and smoked fish. Make sure before adding  the water leaf the pot is free from water. That is they don't have to be water in the pot before adding the water leaf. Do not cover the pot once you’ve put the water leaf in it, by doing so it helps to keep the water leaf green and the water evaporates easily as well. Let it cook for 10 minutes making sure there’s not too much water in the pot.

Step4:  Put off the burner or remove the pot away from the fire and add in the eru, the ground crayfish and pepper. Mix well and season with the remaining 2 cubes of maggi and of course maggi crevette. You might be wondering why you’re mixing the eru away from the fire, this is to make your eru remains green after cooking.

Step5: Take the pot back on the fire, create a hole in the centre and pour in the palm oil, let it cook under low heat for 10-15 minutes.
Mix and taste for seasoning and if its ok by your taste buds then your eru is ready!!!

Serve your eru warm with water fufu or garri (fermented cassava)

It’s quite easy right? Yes I know! Let us know what you think.
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  1. Very good and precise & tasty.


  3. This looks so yummy! But where can u get the eru leaves in Tanzania? I'll love to try it!

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  5. J'ai fait le eru ce matin pour la première fois en essayant votre recette. il est délicieux! !!!!

  6. Good pictures for illustration.