Thursday, 1 December 2016

December Is Finally Here!!!! Happy New Month Everyone

December is finally here, yayyyyyy. We’re so excited to welcome you all to the beautiful and most loving month of the year. God has been so so good from January up till now. I want to tell you all how lucky and blessed you are to be alive this day!
You might say January to December has not been good to you, but I say,that the fact that you are alive to see another breaking of a day, its a miracle and a blessings! God has brought you this far for a reason, embrace this month with joy and let the old things go away! Let your struggles go away and be confident about this new month. No matter what adversities you might have gone through this year, believe me, God let it happen for a purpose, remember there’s nothing too big for God to handle! He makes  a way where there seems to be no way!  Living your best life now is living with enthusiasm and being excited about the life God has given you. Its is believing for more good things in the days ahead, but it is also living in the moment and enjoying it to the hilt.
Embrace this new month with so much expectations, God has great in store for you! This month its a time for you to wakeup and be alert, we need to stir ourselves up
 to replenish our supply of God’s good gifts on a daily basis. Like the Israel people in the wilderness who had to gather God’s miraculous provisions of manna afresh each morning, we too, cannot get by on yesterday’s supply. We need afresh enthusiasm each day. Our lives needs to be inspired, infused, filled afresh with God’s goodness everyday. Be happy, be hopeful, be confident, be thankful and be joyful. God has you and he sees each of your struggle and he definitely knows how to deal with it.
Make a decision today that you are not going to live another day without the joy of the Lord in your life; without love, peace and passion; without being  excited about your life and I want you to understand that God uses Ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things!
Welcome to the month of special happenings and so much joy. God guide and keep us all
Once again happy new month!!!
Much love

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  1. Thanks so much for these inspirational words. I need it today. A great month to you all too