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GM Cuisine| Beefed Up Scotch Eggs Recipe

Growing up, there was this lady who always pass by selling scotch eggs. It was so yummy but since I was never an egg person I will just eat it just for the fun of it. Then one day mum made her own version of  scotch eggs and added a twist to it, but this time with sausages. Sausages then were found only in the big shops and super market in town and it was quiet expensive I guess.

Hmmmm mum’s scotch eggs got to me right to my heart, the flavour and tenderness of the eggs were just so wowww, from that day I kept asking for more lol. Scotch eggs its hard boiled eggs wrapped in seasoned sausages, meat or fish breaded and then fried! Depending on your mood and taste bud I can assure you that they are one good snacks to try at home for the kids. So today I’ll be beefing up scotch eggs. Actually I wanted it to be swaddled in sausages but I didn’t find the correct sausage so I went with minced meat rolled like sausage but they are actually minced meat that i bought from Centragel Bastos, they really do have all kinds of meat and sausages so you can easily get yours there. So make sure you don’t over boil your eggs as well
NB: when boiling your eggs, always add a pinch of salt to the water, this helps your eggs not to break and it peels off easily. Ready? Let’s gooooo

Prep time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves: 6
6 large fresh eggs
4 rolled minced meat (beef sausage)
1tbsp  ground coriander
1tbsp ground white pepper
Chopped persil and parsley
A cube of maggi for seasoning
A cup of bread crumbs
A cup of all purpose flour
2eggs for egg wash
Vegetable oil for frying
A zip lock which will help you roll the meat
Rolling pin

If you can’t get already made bread crumbs its quite easy to make it at home. Just put bread in the fridge and let it get hard for a day then use a grater or blend it in the dry side of the mixer.
1-Place your eggs on the fire, to it add a pinch of salt. Let it cook for 10-12 mins, turn off the burner and place the cooked eggs in cold water. Leave it there for about 10 mins, then peel to remove the skin. Put the peeled eggs aside.

2- In a bowl place the minced meat, to it add the ground coriander, white pepper, chopped persil, parsley and the cube of maggi. Mix and divide the minced meat into six equal portions.

3- Open up the zip lock, place a portion of the meat in it close and with the help of a rolling pin roll out the sausage.

4- place one egg in the centre of the meat then mould and make sure the whole egg is covered with the meat.
5- roll the wrapped eggs in flour, then dip in the egg wash then place in the breadcrumbs and roll well. Repeat process for the rest of the eggs.

5- place the oil in a deep frying pan and put on the fire and make sure its hot. Gently put the wrapped eggs and deep fry for 6-8minutes, while turning the sides until golden brown.

Remove the fried scotch eggs and drain the oil using a tissue paper, let it cool off and serve either warm or cold. A good fried pepper with mayonnaise and mourtade works the magic here lol😉

Am sure it was quite easy. Well do not forget to try this beefed up scotch eggs recipe at home and enjoy with family. Adding this to your cook book its a plus for your gastrostaple snacks. Thanks for stopping by. Let us know what you think.
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  1. Wowwww the most simplest recipe of scotch eggs ever. It looks so tantalising.