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GM Cuisine | The Perfect Cameroonian Jollof Rice (Curry Jollof)

Jollof Rice Recipe (Curry Jollof)
How should I call it? Is it jeroff or jollof? lol! Well if you know me so well you'll know am a rice lover and i can never trade my lovely rice for anything. Then don't talk of the almighty curry jollof naaaaaa, I love it.

Well Cameroonian jollof its unique in its own way because of its spicy nature and sometimes the amount of obstacles we put in it, its just so unbelievable. Many people love jollof but cooking it, its another trouble. well I got you covered, stress no more because after reading this step to step recipe you'll start cooking jollof like a pro! and with the festive season around the corner please add this to your cook book.  Are you ready? let's get started
Before giving out the directives, there are some DO's and DON'Ts we need to know when cooking jollof rice, jollof might sound easy but its not that easy as you may think, trust me.
* Do not cook jollof under high fire, this will only burn the rice without getting ready
*If it's a party jollof, please DONOT use onions as it will make the rice to get soar easily
* DO NOT use cold water to cook jollof rice or any kind of rice if you're not yet a pro, this will make your rice to become sticky and marshy (potpoto)
*Avoid using much oil, you don't want to earn up with an oily rice lol
* Do Use warm water when cooking jollof
*Always use stock to cook jollof, it gives the jollof a unique taste and aroma
Prep time and cooking time: 90 minutes
serves: 15

3 cups of basmati rice ( I used the Gino brand)
500g of cow meat
3 large carrots diced
4 large tomatoes
1 glove of garlic
1tbsp of ground white pepper
1tbsp of ground corriander
3 tbsp full of curry powder
1 tbsp of turmeric
1 lare onions
4 cubes of maggi
2 large freen pepper diced
small amount of green beans diced (optional)
small amount of mixed spices (persil, basilic and parsley) and pepper
vegetable oil ( I used the diamaor cotton oil)

Preparation of the stock
 whether you're using chicken, or meat always remember to keep the stock cos you will definitely need it.

1- wash your meat well and put it in a pot, add the ground white pepper, corriander, half onions, maggi and salt to it. Place the pot on the burner and let it cook till tender. remove the meat from the water and dice. set aside the stock, you'll need it later.
Preparation of the rice 
Concerning the rice, we either parboil or use water to wash the rice depending in the type you are using. here i used riz parfumer precisely the gino brand, it quite good. But if you're using the normal either way, you will have the same results. washing your rice with hot water helps to reduce the excess start.

2- Place a pot on the burner, pour the 3 cups rice, add salt, curry and abit of oil, then stir for about 3- to 4 mins. Add the stock and hot water to it, make sure to add just enought water to cook the rice. Here i Measured my water and I used 5 cups of water. Let it cook until it's almost ready. Please do not let the rice get ready! This might spoil your jollof. if you've tasted and its almost ready put off the burner, leave the pot slightly open
Preparation of The tomato sauce or Purée

3- Put the tomato and other spices ( onion, mixed spices, garlic and pepper) in a mixer and blend. Do not over blend the tomatoes. In a pot, pour the blended tomato and put it on the burner. let it cook until there's no water in the pot. Add the green pepper, a bit of oil and turn off the burner.
Preparation of The jollof rice. 
4- in a small pot, put the diced carrots and green beans and season with a small amount of salt  and water and let it simmer for about 3 mins. drain in a colander. in a small pot stir fry the carrots, green beans and meat with turmericwith a small amount of oil. turn off the burner and set it aside.

5- Gently add the rice in to the tomato mixture, add in the fried meat and veggies too ( I did mine the opposite by adding the tomato mixture and fried meat to the rice since the pot containing the rice was bigger,  but all the same we need the results lol) stir and taste for seasoning. if it ok by you then let the rice cook under low heat for about 5-10 minutes.

After that check if your rice is ready. Forme i don't like when my rice is soft so I turned off the burner afer 5 mins. Et voila your curry jollof rice is ready.

Serve it hot and enjoy with family.

It was quite easy right? O yes I know. let me know what you think by commenting and donot forget to share with friends who loves rice, remember sharing is caring lol😉
Here's the measuring cup I used

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  1. Wowwwww Tina you make cooking so easy. Thanks for this recipe an going to try it for hubby since he's Cameroonian! Thanks again