Wednesday, 14 December 2016

GM Events| Get Ready For The Returnees International Networking Conference And Gala

Cameroonians -
The nation is waiting - the Diaspora is watching and we are preparing a historic day for our beloved country Cameroon. We as a people have proven that in Unity there is strength - in Unity there is hope and in Unity we can move from bystanders to actively contributing to the welfare of our motherland.
December 16th 2016 marks a turning point for Cameroonians in the Diaspora - December 16th 2016 shall remain branded in our memories - young and old - as the day we, as a people, stood proud and tall to say we lived through the generation of those who set up THE EPIC PLATFORM - a platform unifying our voices and building a bond between the Cameroonian Diaspora and motherland Cameroon.
The generation of our parents and the generations before them may have failed but we are the NEW generation - A generation which has been blessed - blessed with all it needs to make Cameroon and Cameroonians worldwide dream again. A generation which shall prove that with faith we can move mountains - That with Vision we can create miracles - And with Purpose we can change the narrative - Change the narrative for us as a people - Change the narrative for Cameroon and Change the narrative for the good of our children and our children's children.
What: Launching The International Diaspora Networking Conference and Gala
When: Friday, December 16th 2016
Where: At The St John's Plaza - Bonapriso Douala - Cameroon
Who: The Returnees Project
With a wide array of Speakers carefully selected from the Diaspora, citizens at Home and Returnees from different diasporas in the world, we have set up two panel discussions for the first ever Returnees International Conference and Gala.

 On December 16th 2016, the red carpet shall be rolled out, the doors of the elegant St John's Plaza shall be opened wide and journalists from Cameroon and abroad shall swarm in to welcome the dawn of a new era - an era in which dreams turn into reality and we as a people move from DIALOGUE to DOING! We as a people move from PhDs to PhDOs. DOing what we need to - DOing what we have to - Doing what WE believe in and most especially start believing again. Believing in our skills, believing in our talents, believing we can make things better for future generations. BE THAT CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE and JOIN US to shape the future of our great nation.
For participation, registration and tickets get in touch with the Organizing Committee in Douala 699-989-474, Bamenda 6-7839-1724 and Buea 694-232-409
For further information visit us on
Facebook @ theReturneesProjectInc. 
Twitter @thereturnees54
Don't forget to attend this great event.
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