Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Makeup Artist Of The Week: Audrey Keou of #Makeup237 by Audrey

With so many makeup artist popping up everyday in Camer, there are definitely ones who take their jobs seriously and right to their hearts. To some its more than just a passion and each of them have their unique signatory makeup looks!

Our MUA of the week is that one makeup artist who keeps everything natural but always tries to make her clients feel effortlessly beautiful with that extra Glam in her makeups!

Meet Audrey Keou, the name behind  the Makeup237 by Audrey. Audrey is a professional makeup artist and enthusiast. She has ways been that girl who has a strong love for beauty in general. Seeing her mum always looking fancy and beautiful, and always spending time with her infront of the mirror, gave her that drive to love makeup even more. Audrey said she tried wearing foundation for the first time at the age of 22 and she was always intrigued about how to make her eyes pop up more than anything...

Her natural ability to make clients  not only beautiful, but feel beautiful has made her a favourite amongst a versatile group of people in both the fashion and wedding industry! Audrey knew there was always something in beauty for her, since friends and family will always appreciate her beauty advice.  To her mascara and liner are like heavens sent to her! Nothing else, till this day, tops those makeup items in her book!

She recently launched her website www.makeup237.com which its a tribute to Cameroonian beauty. Its also a platform where she talks about her life as a MUA,the ups and downs,the stories behind the looks she choose for her clients and reviews on the products available on the market. Audrey said the reason why she chooses to  talk about choices she makes for her clients is because people have the misconception that there are no rules in makeup... “But I always say, it’s about technique and not rules! And not every client of mine is getting a nose contouring  and/or sharp angled brows... I like to think that I enhance their beauty rather than making them unrecognisable... and that I think it’s a technique” she said.

Audrey shared with us some of the products musthaves in 2017: Red and Orange ombré matte lips, mascara and a sharp cat eye are everything you need to make it to 2017. If you want to get her beauty and makeup advise first hand, Audrey has partnered with one of the biggest makeup brand RMB IBOW to bring the most memorable and amazing makeup workshop ever, where she will emphasise on the eyes: smokey eyes, cat eyes,brow shaping and so much more...it will also be an opportunity for you to get a 10% discount on your purchases during this makeup class! Its a very interactive class so feel free to bring your own makeup products and Audrey will show you how to optimise their use during this festive season. See flyer below for more information.
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