Monday, 5 December 2016

#MCM| Mister Africa USA, Franck Demaga

When it’s Monday we know what’s up! We will be looking at the hot cuties who’s melting our hearts. Our #mcm of the moment its all about sexiness and its....Franck! This chocolate, handsome cupcake with killing abs is driving us crazy! He is a sexy, sexy man! Did we mention sexy?

Franck Demaga is a professional model based in Philadelphia USA. He is originally from the Western region of Cameroon.  He is winner of the  Mister Africa USA 2015/16. Apart from modelling being his nber one passion, Franck is also a financial advisor. Wanna know what makes him get those six hard packs? Franck said he works out 5 times a week to keep his body in shape!. And when he's not on the runway or working, he enjoys playing basketball. Every six packs model got something they love eating and this guy loves his Cameroonian food all day. We asked him what was his best food? Dodo and beans and ndole; he said! Franck is also an award winner, he won the award of the best male model at the Diaspora Entertainment Awards 2016. Wanna see why he's our Man Crush Monday? See some of his breath taking photos below.

Isn't he gorgeous!!!!
You can connect with Franck on :
Facebook @franckdemaga
 Instagram @franck_demaga
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