Friday, 20 January 2017

Melania Trump's Hometown Throws Party To Celebrate Her As Next First Lady

Melania Trump, 46, will become the second First Lady since 1825 to have been born outside the U.S, and her hometown in Slovenia's ready to party it up in her honor.

      It’s really not everyday when a girl from a small town in Slovenia and a former top model becomes  First Lady of the United States so it's understandable that the people of Melania Trump's home country, Slovenia, are throwing a very big party today to celebrate one of  theirs today.
     The celebration will include admission and tours, the main event will be an inauguration viewing party at Rotary klub Sevnica.
    There will also be free dinner for everyone at a local inn, though a voluntary $40 would be accepted for buying new equipment for the Sevnica Hospital ER.
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