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Hey there our dearest #Glowers!!!

In  2015, some very talented and beautiful women made our list of Women Of The Year. While these women have continued to make us proud, there are a few others who have caught our attention.

Everything that has happened in 2016 just boils down to this very moment when we announce our #monatswomenoftheyear16

WHY? (you may ask)

This is the moment when we celebrate the hard work of a few women who have stood out in 2016 - we absolutely respect their hustle! (wink). They have worked hard throughout the year to the best of their potentials , improving every single time, and most importantly they have kept up to everyone's expectations and delivered every time!
So here we go in no particular order.......



Here is a woman who can do it all!!! She isn't only the first Miss Face MOnAT ever, but also managed to find time to model for major players in the fashion and design industry, walked numerous runways at fashion shows, as well as start her own makeup brand among other things ; She also was able to act as an ambassador for #glowmonat (a very good one at that πŸ‘Œ), represent MOnAT  at countless functions, and visit a good number of orphanages with our partners, THE GUARDIAN NGO.

Barbie, as she is more fondly known, is a multi talented model who is surely taking over! She is very hard working, humble, and caring.
Dear Barbie, we see you and we love you, that's why you are one of MOnAT's WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2016 πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Where to begin....!!! Pam Happi aka Miss P is a media preneur who believed in her potentials of starting a talk show something which wasn't common with the Cameroonian culture. Inspired by her passion for entertainment, Miss P decided to create a niche for her society by creating this project which was brought to live by Orange Cameroon. Through her platform many Cameroonians artists, entrepreneur and aspiring youths have been celebrated and their voices have been heard through out Cameroon and beyond
Miss P is that one talk show host that keeps you glued on your TV screen with her eloquence and talent. 
She has taken the TV by storm well as social media πŸ˜‰
She is a TV presenter extraordinaire, beautiful with a good sense of fashion.  We have watched her career as a TV host take off like a rocket, a great source of inspiration to young girls all over Cameroon and the Africa.
No wonder she is amongst the top 50 Most influential young Cameroonians of 2016 nominated in the media categoryπŸ‘Œ 
She is the true definition of 'IF YOU CAN THINK IT, YOU CAN DO IT' You have officially earned our #bossbabe tittle!😍😍😍


Adeline Sede Kamga it's a house whole name when it comes to media in Cameroon. Adeline is a mum, wife and a social entrepreneur. She is the CEO of the award winning African life style glossy magazine; FabAfriq and the Corporates Awards. From her dream of owning a glossy magazine which eventually came true, this go getter has never stopped dreaming. She believes in not going after someone's opportunity but actually creating yours and maximising it. Adeline is one innovative and very creative business woman whose ideas never stop flowing and who never stops seizing opportunities in the right places. From making in waves in magazine across Africa she just organised the first ever corporate awards in Cameroon which seeks to fill the gap in human resources in Cameroon. 

She doesn't end there, she helps promotes Cameroonian bloggers by organising several bloggers hangout in the country and making them know their niche. Adeline is one lady to certainly watch out for this year reason why the PR guru is on our list. Keep up with Adeline by following her on social media @adelinesede


This lady right here is a force ....we can't say she is a force to be reckoned with because we haven't seen anyone who can reckon with her! Maybe there is, but we just haven't seen yet... MUA Extraordinaire, Fashion designer and guru in the making. The beautiful Anyi has turn her interest for beauty and everything fashiz to an international business empire. 
Anyi hasn't let anything, I mean, anything stop her!
She has gone for her dreams, reached them, and gone beyond! This talented lady has a long hisotory in the makeup and beauty industry, having worked on numerous editorial shoots, billboards and many fashion shows. Making people effortlessly beautiful is her trade mark and bringing out that inner beauty in you is sure her signature. AyiΓ¨'s entrepreneurial spirit was itching to break out, so kwith a melange of drive, determination and a little bit of chutzpah, she simply picked the bull by the horn and today the rest is history. 

Makeup artist, skin care, and fashion designer, CEO of OZI INTERNATIONAL Anyi is slowly building an empire for herself.   #Queenstatus πŸ™‹πŸ˜Ž Keep Rocking #teamOzi


When we talk of decor and event planning in Cameroon, there's no way her name can't be amongst the first best planners. Meet Ethel Esabe, the creative director and CEO of Ethesa Ceremonials, an event company found in Cameroon. 
Ethel started her business way back in the university which was a means for her to meet up her financial expenses while at school. 

From ordinary cakes, to birthday cakes and now she's gradually building an event planning and topnotch decor empire. She is a creative entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a career coach. To her passing on her knowledge to other women its key. This lady has impacted so many youths in her community through her several fee free training in some women empowerment centers, she makes the youths to belief in their talents and coach them with the "I Can do mentality" without letting go of hard work and consistency. Thanks for always bringing out the best in people Ethel. You can connect with the beautiful and talented Ethel on Facebook|Instagram @ethelesabe


Bandy is no new face and name in the world of Cameroonian entertainment. As one of Camer's finest bloggers who is being known for  her controversial write ups and celeb gist, Bandy Kiki is a self made business woman who started blogging as a hobby over a year ago but she quickly made her way in, as her blog -kinnaka's blog- is one of the most read blogs in Camer and beyond. 

The mediapreneur and girl boss didn’t just want to limit herself at blogging, reason why she came up with an online entertainment TV that celebrates Cameroonian talent, her TV- kinnaka TV- showcases everything 237 and this beauty here keeps breaking the rules and fences of success when ever she touches something. And did we also mention she has been nominated amongst 2016 most influential Cameroonians! Kudos to you Kiki.


  Reneta Ndisang is  well-known Cameroonian designer not only for her great work but for the many contributions she has done to the Anglophone fashion industry in Cameroon. From a dream to reality, the talented Reneta always wanted to own her own fashion brand! The Mareta West boss doesn't only know how to slay in her own designs but she also has a great taste of fashion accessories. In 2016 she created and organised the first ever fashion week in Cameroon which brought together fashion designers from all over Cameroon to showcase their talent in one platform. 

For a job well done, we say a big congrats to this young lady who has fearlessly accomplish her dream and has made the dreams of others come true. 


Meet Diane Audrey the creative entrepreneur , avid photographer and journalist. Born and raised in Douala, she left Cameroon at the age of 12 to begin a whole new life in France and the US.  She holds a masters degree in Communication and media. Some few years ago Diane left her job as a journalist in Le Monde and TV5 to follow and build her African dream, andVisiter L'Afrique was born. 

Diane is the founder of the well known Visiter L'Afrique which is an interactive and collaborative digital platform dedicated to tourism and cultures in Africa. It's a traveler's diary with over 100,000 followers on social networks and its helps travelers to share their travelling journal with the rest of the world! 
To her, Africa was being showcased to the rest of the world by Non Africans but in a negative angle; reason why she wanted to create a platform that would present an Africa without filters. 


She is gorgeous and makes us proud every single time!!!
EKA is Cameroonian actress who is very well known across the African continent and worldwide. Christa who started her acting career in 2006 as a normal actress has now picked other Γ¨roles like lwriting, directing and producing, which many actors finds it hard to juggle between these roles but Eka has stood out not only for the great roles she plays as an actress but also as a greta film maker. The award winne has been seen participating in many film festivals around the world for her epic short films especially her latest movie ALMA. TheMovieALMA has made Eka travel to many film festival just after leaving its editing room and has won so many award. This lady right here is a visionary who sees the Cameroon movie industry in a different angle. Through her films she tries to bring out the best in women and protectthe rights of the cameroonian woman as a whole. 

In 2016, she brought honour to us by winning prestigious awards. She has set her mind to accomplish her dreams and has inspired young women in the film industry to believe that it is possible.She is definitely playing a huge role in highlighting Camer on the map as far as the film industry is concerned.
Today, we say keep up the good work and we are solidly behind you! #GIRLPOWER 

 Krystn Enem is a Creative Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host and Media Personality. She is the Creative Head of Glaim Concepts, a media company launched in 2010 which went productive in 2014, by producing her first Talk Show Krystn Enem Show airing on Africa Magic and Planet TV and PulseTVOnline to creating a name and brand for herself.  She is fun, passionate and adventurous. TV for her was something temporal as she wanted to pursue other goals, but she found herself doing more on TV and owing it, because her being on  TV  was her dream career. She is that one strong last was has definitely turned her passion not only to business but has encouraged other women in the media world. Krystyn loves everything about being a TV host, from the fears, the stress, the adrenaline nature of the job and the Glam. In 2016, we saw more women rise up and take bold steps than ever before! We are so proud of our women on TV and in the entertainment industry.
Krystyn is a #bossbabe straight up!

TV is what she does, and making it big is a lifestyle of her.  All she does is win!!!
For all the accomplishments, Krystn, yes... you are definitely one of our women of the year 2016! You catch her on Africa Magic Urban every Saturday at 9am CAT.


When we talk of Rosy we think of the Ikonga Kilos killer. Rosy is a weight loss coach and an entrepreneur. This young Cameroonian never knew watching her own weight could gain her some CFA's. From trying to loose weight to building one of the largest weight loss forum in Cameroon and beyond.

This beauty started the Ikonga kilo killers on herself due to her pursuit to loss weight, her trial wasn't an easy journey but when she finally succeeded in shredding those extra kilos, her story is now a thing in the past. Rosy has helped many ladies to believe in themselves and gain that self esteem back. She takes all her clients through a natural weight loss chapter and at the end you feel and look great in your new silhouette. With the help of this weight loss programme a lot of people has reached their dream body size. Kudos to you Rosy and keep bringing out the best in people.


Meet the talented Cameroonian female artists who have been making waves around Africa and who is a game changer in the Camer music scene not just with her voice but also with her sizzling lyrics . Reniss is a singer and sing writer from Mankon, Cameroon who grew up in Douala. She started singing at the age of 16 and started off as a gospel artist who later joined the talented rapper Jovi LeMonstre in his hit single B.A.S.T.A.R.D.

The beautiful Reniss came into the spotlight in 2015 with her epic hit single Micheal Jackson. Reniss developed a style that combines pop music, traditional African Styles and subject that matters that connects to people. Her bikutsi pop fusion video LA SAUCE made waves across Africa and this damsel created her own style and genre of music in the Camer Music Scene. Her style of music is described as "Mboko. For the great achievements so far we say keep rocking Reniss. 

To all girl boss's we say congrats to them whether you made the list or not. Keep rocking and making #237 Proud
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