Saturday, 11 February 2017


Hi there #glowfam!!!

Guess who's back!!!

The smooth and suave; Mister Elad, is back to thrill us with good music! He is making a new debut with a new record label; Sonolive Productions, via his brand new video for his single titled ‘Yamo’ (a local Cameroonian parlance which means ‘enjoyment’)
‘Yamo’ is a blend of dancehall, EDM(electronic Dance Music) and afro, a track, which was produced by Mister Elad himself, to take us to the dancefloor! The song merely bares testament to the fact that money delivers a certain comfort which makes life more enjoyable.
The video was directed by NS pictures. They perfectly translated the message of the song into clean and captivating visuals that exude wealth and flamboyance! 

Enjoy and spread the word!!! #mrEladisback!!!

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