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MONAT FEATURE: La Sauce Africaine - Leading On Heels

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 While some say "this is a man's world", others say "it won't mean anything without a woman"...and yes I absolutely agree πŸ‘Œ

Meet 4 very beautiful young ladies who have decided to take upon themselves to empower women, especially African women,  in every way they can.

 It was for this reason that "La Sauce Africaine" was created and today, we will be introducing you all to these strong women, the purpose of their initiative, and the goal they hope to achieve.

This powerful group is made up of four ladies from different African countries, Cameroon inclusive.

LSA is a social initiative that specializes in generative dialogue. Their mandate is to empower the African woman. In doing so, they engage with members of society from all walks of life to create spaces and projects that uplift African women. 

  LSA started as an online platform for young women to speak about issues that affect them the most. 

"The position we currently hold and the positions we are told to accept as African women across west and southern Africa are in conflict with who we  are and who we hope to grow into. We grew up in different parts of Africa,  we are all from diffrent tribes and have varying religious practices, but we realise that the understanding that women are less than,  incapable,  incompetent and passive is across the board. We wondered how we could change these perspectives and so we gave birth to LSA. With LSA we want to change the continent through changing the narrative of the African woman".
-Bongi Khumalo

After our little chat with the ladies at LSA (La Sauce Africaine), here is what they said;

We are currently doing work on online and offline platforms. We have a YouTube channel where we engage on solution based conversations on social issues across Africa. We have expanded this to an offline platform called the Blank Canvas Africa initiative,where we invite guests from various sectors to come together, network, share insight, share information, and share resources. We hope that beyond the events, the guests might share their experience with one another and work together to generate projects that will develop our society, in ways they can afford to. 

We are also doing work with local artists from Southern and West Africa who are currently residing in South Africa. We hope to develop and expose local talent because we know that in order for us to prosper we have to encourage new talent, especially talent that reflects who we are and where we come from.  We hope to expand this so as to work with artists based in their home countries as well. That way we can meet our eventual goal,  which is to have an Africa art exchange where artists across the continent can work with each other and expose each other to different markets. 

Wow ladies, this is impressive and we are happy to share your work with the world. Kudos πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Strong , confident, beautiful women empowering fellow women...that's the kind of world we want to live in 😊😊😊
This post is a big shout out to you ladies !

Keep up ladies. 

To find out more about LSA, go check out and follow them on instagram @la_sauce_africaine

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  1. U have my support ladies. As a man I have always thought of a woman as a companion,teammate, and a contributor. A woman's voice should be heard and not dismissed.

    1. thank you Sapx Maq. We need more men like you. You are highly appreciated.