Monday, 13 February 2017

Spend The Valentines Day With Natty

Its just some few hours to Lovers day, O well we all got diffetent plans with our loved ones. May be spending this lovers day in the presence of cool gospel music in a cozy environment isn't a bad idea yeah?

"Quiet Time with Natty" is a show organinsed twice every month hosted by Natty.This show was concieved after the release of her debute album "Not Ashamed".
It's a not only a jamming session of songs from the album in a more softer, interactive way but it also has as primary goal to evangelise through the publice through music
It is also a means for Natty to communicate with her audience on a more personal level
It also has as goal to create a steady and loyal fan base for both the artist and her music.
"Quiet Time with Natty" is a medium through which God communicates with his people through the word and prayers in a form of music.
Held at a very cozy, comfortable and quiet environment at Rond Point Express Biyem-assi.
Meanwhile catch Natty on Hello CRTV tomorrow as she talk about her music with the host Pochi at 7:30am
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