Wednesday, 29 March 2017

GM Fashion: MOnAT's Top Female Looks For The Week

Being a woman means you can definitely rock all those beautiful dresses and skirts just the way you want, But being a fashionista its a whole different ball game. You love fashion and want to look more fashionable and flawless? Then continue reading as we bring you some of our top looks for the week by some Camer fashionistas.

Colour blocking is on the rise again and if you want to know which colour to mix match to get that perfect look and still looking effortlessly beautiful, these stylistas looks will make you love fashion even more. Let goooooo

 This fashion blogger never goes wrong be it with her design or her fashion accessory, she always knows how to deliver...


Simplicity and edgy ness its her dressing code. She always tries to look so simple but at the time very classy. She looks stunning in this outfit.


This fashion blogger always knows what goes well with her body and her love for simple colours makes her dressings even more flawless. Green is the new black.


We love the colour blocking of this Camer's fashionista outfit. From her blazer to everything, this shows she's ready to rock more bright colours for spring.


Sarah's looks are always unique and outstanding, when you have a sister who's one of the best Camer designer then you definitely can ROCK any designs you want. Baby blue has never looked so beautiful , simple but classy!


This lady here is a fashion maven and also a lover of anything print. Brenda has a great taste when it comes to fashion and everything she wears is always outstanding. We're loving the peplum top.


Kibonen needs no introduction, she is her own designer and what ever she wears stars always have an eye for it lol. This jumpsuit with a print details is everything and it sure brings out the boldness in her.


This beautiful lady got everything talking at the premiere of Reverse when she appeared with a black and pepper red outfit on the red carpet. She sure knows what dress goes with her body type. She nailed the look. Thumbs up miss.


Am sure you never knew mixmatching two different shades of pastels could be very eye catching, but this fashion blogger shows us how to dare when it comes to colour blocking. A high slit skirt with a pom pom blouse is always a fashion item you need to get. High slit skirts always brings out the sexy nature in every woman.


Tokee has a thing for fashion and she always a step ahead of other fashionistas. Her design combinations are always unique as they not only fits her silhouette but brings out the gorgeousness in her more.
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