Thursday, 13 April 2017

Miss Africa Cameroon-Kossinda Angèle to the conquest of African beauty

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In 2016 at the prestigious beauty contest Miss Cameroon, the world discovered the sweet face of this pretty flower in the comica beauty garden.
Sacred Miss Cameroon Littoral 2016 and at just 24 years old, Kossinda Angèle is already a beauty queen who is the pride of Africa in miniature. She is a native of the extreme north of Cameroon and a student in the 2nd year of Banking and Finance. She is like the modern woman: active, sensitive to her environment and engaged.
In addition, thanks to her beauty, her intelligence and her talent, she was selected last February to defend the colors of Cameroon at the prestigious Miss Global Heritage contest (international beauty contest whose objective is the promotion of cultures in all their diversities ) Which brought together nearly 60 beauty from around the world. The indomitable lioness of beauty made it to the top 15 of that highly popular beauty contest.
 Kossinda Angèle, is a woman's  that combines charm, commitment and intelligence.
If she leads several fights, the one that is most important to her is the fight for the use of natural raw materials. More than a top model, Angèle is a militant resolutely committed to promoting the use of organic and African products, which makes her a true "Africanizing" accomplished. Woman with a big heart and atypical beauty that reflects the charm of the diversity of Cameroon.
Kossinda Angèle will defend the green red yellow once again at the prestigious contest which sits on top of African beauty, Miss Africa continent which will take place from May 5th to 20th, 2017 in Rwanda. It is in a fighting spirit that she is preparing.
To this end, she has already met designers such as Yves tchinda, Nuvi Créative and many other creators recognized on the continent as defenders of African value through their art. Kossinda Angèle, a queen of beauty to follow. All its news on its facebook page Miss Cameroon littoral.
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