Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Spanking New Video | 'Love Dance' by BTrunk Nforsooh

Hey glowers, finally the long awaited video by  singer,song writer,choreographer B Trunk Nforsooh aka Mr B Trunk for his single 'LOVE DANCE' is out. The song was written by B Trunk Nforsooh, produced by Slimbeats, premixed by DJ P, mixed and mastered by Slimbeats of sea sound records. Love Dance is a song which celebrates patients fatefulness and beauty of a woman with a dance. As he quotes "Being beautiful is no excuse to lazing around or being 200% dependent on a man".

A real woman looks for what to do to support her man, her life and her love. She became a mechanic woman and a top garagiste just to support to love,nor tonforger a real man celebrates such a woman in brighter days.
Video was shot in Yaounde at Juvance by Diva Blerk and co of Sea pictures.
 Mr  B Trunk  and team brings this dope long awaited  video  and with a strong promise to his fans, lovers of his art not Leaving out the whole world that he has been away from some time trying to  get what would bring them joy and honey moments. He says " I am here now and not going  anywhere". 

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Contacts:+237 651629246
Email: b.trunknforsohh@gmail.com
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To feel and  enjoy Watch video below

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