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From Tokee LaLa TO LaLa ??? Pack Fine Queen In Her New Element! (Must Read)

Hello #glowfam!

We are sure you have heard a lot about +Tokee Lala  , seen spanking hot photos of her, and probably know her hit song #packfine. But The #packfinequeen  no longer goes by the name @Tokee Lala and here is why!

Tokee Lala aka Obi Kate released her very first hit song few years ago backed by some powerful players in the music industry and the strong support of some major blogs including IRep Camer and yours truly Glow by MOnAT. 

Since then, the very beautiful, young and talented artist has been modelling for designers, studying in music school out of the country to improve on her skills and being the entrepreneur she is, starting her own business and building her empire ! #girlpower 👌

Well now, the gorgeous star is ready to take the Cameroon music industry by storm yet again, and she's got just the right management for that- actually, the best team!

LaLa's new management and marketing team decided to do a full scale SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of her previous brand as Tokee LaLa. It was a cold analysis that took into consideration artist's name, personality, musical production, video production and global name recognition.  

 The results from the SWOT analysis, balanced with an extensive study of social media reactions, were conclusive: many did not understand why "Tokee" was a first name, and LaLa, normally a darling diminutive name for females across the world, was her last name. 

Switching her name to LaLa Tokee was the next step of the research. Many folks out of Cameroon could imagine an MC Tokee or DJ Tokee, but not both names together, as they believed the harshness of "Tokee" brought an element of cognitive dissonance to the softness of "LaLa". 

Third phase was testing single name "LaLa" versus "Tokee". LaLa had immediate massive positive appeal among youths and adults alike worldwide, especially in key target audience countries. In Cameroon, the name "Tokee" had some positive reaction in the Southwest Province, particularly in Buea and Kumba, but was confused with the image of a "rough girl"; whereas the real LaLa is a soft and smooth sweetheart, the image her current management wants to develop and uphold as her brand. 

So... what about Miss O.K.? Well, those happen to be the initials of LaLa's real birth names Obi Kate; and of course, she's always O.K. in the real sense too. A short experiment with "Miss K.O." for Katie Obi did not work because it sounded as if she's a loud-mouthed street brawler, contrary to her true image.

Conclusion From Tokee's Management:
 only folks who have known LaLa in person as "Tokee", for a long while are worried or concerned about her name re-branding, and that is a very tiny world compared to the whole new universe of adoring fans she has been winning recently on a global scale. Like Beyoncé. Rihanna, Prince, Latifah, Madonna, etc., LaLa goes by a single name. Miss O.K. is her title and salutation, like Beyoncé is Queen Bey; Michael Jackson was King of Pop, Prince was The Purple Prince, Rihanna is Bad Gal Riri, and so on. So let's all root for our LaLa as she gets ready to drop big songs, for she's our very own Miss O.K.

So, bye bye Tokee, and welcome LaLa. We love you just the way you are, and we will be singing 
La-La on our lips for years to come.

Being a singer/songwriter, and a great one at that, Lala has been writing some amazing songs and y'all are going to absolutely love it!

We were honored to have her perform one of her new songs for the very first time ever at the live crowning event of Miss Face MOnAT 2017 click HERE HERE HERE HERE to watch the event , her performance starts at the 30mins 😉so you  also have the option to forward to 30 mins to watch her.

Lala will always have our support and the support of all those who have been with ehr from day one! We love you go conquer the music world !!! #goTeamLala

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