Wednesday, 12 July 2017


hey #glowfam!

We are very happy and super blessed to have @Fon Petra as our new missfacemonat2017 and we have all of you who voted to thank! All our glow girls are just amazing!!!

Very similar to @Barbie, she has walked in the footsteps of being beautiful , both inside and out and has worked in close collaborations with the other 4 girls who made the top 5!

Here in photos are her first 100 days as she attended various events ,participated in helping orphans and young children, the sick and needy, and continues to work closely with our partners THE GUARDIAN  foundation . 

Here goes...

It all started with this photo

And then it all went up from there !!!

Photos from the crowning event...

Few Photos from volunteering at the "love kitchen" with our partners NGO The Guardian Foundation in Limbe... (more on instagram and facebook- look bellow to connect with us)

Photo from Cameroon Film Festival Red Carpet...

Photos from Miss Beach in  Limbe 2017

Photo from the "African Child" week festivities with our partners The Guardian Foundation and in attendance our partners from the ministry of Social Affairs , south west chiefs and the Limbe public...

Photos from Cliq Urban Music Festival Press Conference...

Come July 27th, MOnAT will continue to partner with The Guardian against alcohol and drugs for youth and everyone else... This is where we would invite the public to join us to say no to drugs and alcohol! Send us an email if you would love to volunteer with us at

Here are just a few of all we have working on with our new Miss Face MOnAT among others, and more we are currently working on...

Stay tuned for the next post which will reveal Petra's most awaited photos from her photo shoot with one of Camer's finest photographers @Kelly B. 

Thanks for reading... You all rock!!!

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