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Hi there #glowfam!!!

It's been a long time coming for this one! We had to discuss it sooner or about now? 😉

Over a very long period of time, we have been noticing how people have used social media to mock people, especially girls based on their before and after makeup photos! It is very common to see especially guys posting photos and making comments like " guys be careful who you marry, make sure you know their true face" 😏😏😏 There's some truth in that, but what's the problem if someone wants to wear makeup?

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Well , while freedom of speech is allowed, we just wanted to share with the world a few thoughts about the art of makeup, and here to help are some of Cameroon's top  makeup artists !

Let's read what they each had to say on this topic... ( for some, we used their instagram/brand name, and all photos used are photos of the artists themselves 😊)

Niki Heat

There is a well-established social psychology phenomenon known as the ‘beauty premium’ which says that when we see a beautiful face, we assume the person behind the face is more socially adept, confident, and successful. And before you say it’s a myth, a study was conducted by a Harvard Medical School researcher and the findings revealed that wearing makeup promotes your image as a person who is competent, likeable, attractive, and trustworthy. This shows that wearing makeup isn’t just a form of self-expression anymore but impacts how others view and interact with you. 

We unfortunately live in a very superficial world where people are judged by their looks and at Niki Heat we want to level the playing field so that those who’ve been overlooked for so long can finally be seen; we want to give them a face and a voice. They deserve their share of the beauty premium, even for a day.

 Lelio Achanga (Dazzle by Lelio)

As a makeup artist, i have noticed that women who wear makeup are criticized either because they don't know how to put on makeup to enhance their looks, and usually, theur makeup tends to be more of an "eyescore" than a "wow" effect! 

OR the people criticizing them have no clue of the essence of makeup, and don't understand why women wear it! ( it's just the way some women never get to understand why men get so engrossed with football). So  basically it all boils down to ignorance.

Anyi Asonganyi (OZI international)

Makeup is an art. Makeup is beautiful. If it makes you happy, wear it! Any day, anytime. Your life, your rules.

Facebeat Boulevard 

I personally think that self confidence is not defined by what you put on your face, but rather an attitude. The aim of makeup is to accentuate your most stunning facial features and subtly conceal the flaws. As such, you stand out and command attention in  societal gatherings. 

It is wrong to say that women who wear makeup have low self esteem. Just like some derive pleasure in reading novels, dancing, or watching football, makeup junkies derive pleasure in creating a good makeover!

In my opinion if you already look flawless without makeup, then by all means apply less products, if you have to, powder/ liquid foundation, lipstick, and mascara will do!
If you do not like makeup then stay away from it. I don't mean to sound rude, but if your fellow woman loves makeup, do not drink panadol for her headache!!! 😉

Face On Fleek

Personally I think makeup is just an art and those who are passionate about it understand that it's not a way to make an "ugly" person beautiful but a way to express oneself and to enhance already existing beauty , because we are  all ALREADY beautifully and wonderfully made by God.

Look at it this way; not everyone can be a lawyer, medical doctor, professor, banker. Same applies to the art of makeup. Not everyone can be a makeup artist and not everyone is bound to love the art of makeup.

Pam's Beauty Spotlight 

I think it's like asking what do you think about women wearing clothes, jewelry, weaves, braids and a lot more. It's a mater of choice!

Well there you have it!

What do you think?

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