Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Cameroonian Fashion Label "Margo's Mode" Release Their New Collection "HERITAGE"

Hello Glowers, its the end of year and we are bringing you many things so you start the new year in a fashionable way, so get your ready to add this to your look book. Cameroonian fashion label 'Margo's mode is wrapping up the year in great style with the release of her latest African print collection "Heritage" which is a collection inspired from the cultural historical,social and geological heritage of Africa. This collection is aiming to promote African print at workman space. The outfits do have a remarkable fits flaterribg for all bkdy types. The cothes blinds easy and open our sense to the wealth of colour and diversity of Africa.This collection dress African sources of immense power to play with texture.

The Esang Dress

  Inspired from the Korup National park, Esang meaning "peace" in the Bakossi language in Cameroon. As peaceful as water can be so in Korup back with beautiful geographic landscape. The dress has opening like bridges Symbolising the support irons of the bridge, the flowering ankara; the green vegetation. This dress then implies peace between people visit in the park.

It is a dress inspired from the woman who's place is in the kitchen. Back in the days all a woman could do was to coo, that was their office, this dress representing a chief symbolises humility of a woman. Yes femme meaning woman!

"Dunamic Shirt"

Dunamic Is a Hebrew name meaning strength, power. The shirt is inspired from wooven of clothes by Africa men in those days where he puts all his efforts to make beautiful prints. This design then aimed to bring back the African prints in offices. The shirt is a long sleeved with buttons and have a mandarin collar.

The SAWA Dress.

The SAWA Mostly referred to people living at the coast of Cameroon. This group of tribes which includes (The Douala, Bakwerie, Bakossi) The dress comprises of an "A" shaped skirt and top was inspired the loincloth. The wrapped top is inspired by the traditional clothing worn by fishermen throughout the east coast of Africa! The skirt having beats on it indicating the bright eyes of the sea fish.


Dress. Inspired by the "casa obus" is an ancient building found in the Northern part of Cameroon. It is mostly built by title Muslims. The front of our diamond dress looks like the that of the casas which represents the four areas of concern; family social, profession, relationship. The fabric was well chosen with open holes just like the building.
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