Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Designer Spotlight - Bisi Designs Presents The MEMORATA COLLECTION

    Hi there #glowers Fashionistas!!
 We are happy to share with you what we believe will be your favourite designs this year. It's all about promoting and wearing our own design made in #237 And one of those designers is Bisi Designs which unravelled her newest collections some few months ago titled MEMORATA

 MEMORATA . This is the Greek word for memories.
 The collection was derived from lovely emotions that is ; peace , love ,joy, happiness, beauty, and the African environment  which is very colorful.
   All these are represented in the collection with the vibrant and happy colours.
The designer's goal is for everyone who puts on any piece from this collection to feel these emotions.
This collections is made for all ages; The youths, Young adults, Male ,Female.
It's good for evening wears, day out in the street  and a good urban mixed fashion style can be derived from our collection if worn correctly.
Watch out for  Bisi designs promises bigger and better in 2018 .

Check out the outfits Bellow.

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