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MOnAT Talent Spotlight - Meet #237 Photographer ED Gobina

Hello #glowers!

Welcome to 2018 where we have a lot in store!

To kick off this year of exciting stuff is our interview with a #237 photographer Edwin Gobina. don't know him? Well you are about to find out and by the time you are done reading this, you will be booking him for you next photo shoot! 

He has worked with many personalities in the entertainment industry including models and tv show hosts.

Polite, humble, professional, are 3 words we would use...but bellow is our full interview with him. So join us and let's all get to know him better!

Full Name:  Gobina Edwin Njie  (Ed Gobina)

Describe yourself in 3 words: Ambitious / Adventurous / Happy  

Bellow, Ed tells us about  how and why he started photography, his hobbies, career dreams, and more.

I started photography as a hobby about  five years ago but I only started working as a professional photographer 2 years back. 
I got into this form of art because it allows me to be able to share my point of view with other people. 

Over the past year I have specialized in portrait photography, and in the course of this period I have taken done event photography quite a bit; particularly weddings but I don’t limit myself to only one aspect of photography so I stay open to all. This year I’m looking to explore travel photography a lot.

Even though this still somehow falls within the context of photography I want to become a full time vlogger as this will let me share my experience as well as the knowledge I have in photography with those interested.
As far as hobbies go I think the top on my list is traveling and getting to explore the world, I’m a big fan of poker and I always find time to play with friends. Skateboarding also falls in this list.

In my opinion what makes me stand out from other photographers is the effort I put into every shot and how I try to bring to life some aspect of my subjects’ life into  the shot. 

I do have plenty of photographers who have inspired me ever since I started in  this field but I’ll list just a few. At the top is Peter Mckinon: a renowned Canadian photographer. I have learned quite a lot from watching his tutorials and following some friendly advice and tips he gives to his audience. 
Manny Ortiz and Sam Kolder are other photographers whose work I follow closely and they both inspire me in different ways. 

Two things about me no one knows 😂
I’m in love with coffee ☕️ 
I can’t ride a bike 🚲 😛
In five years I want to be a full time vlogger and make a living out of that.

For upcoming photographers my advice is the only recipe to move forward is hard work and consistency, I really can’t emphasize on these two qualities enough. (LEARN CREATE & DO IT AGAIN) if you don’t get it the first time, try it again.

Check out his genius work bellow!

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