Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Happy Valentine's day dear #glowfam!

To celebrate with you, here are a few of our favorite #237 vals day photo pics from social media!

Actress Edith Pikwa

Actress Soli Egbe 

Fashion blogger Hilda Ngelo

Actress Stephanie Tum

Photos by @asonganyipictures
Artist Blaise B

Artist Salatial

Model Yimga Stephanie

Photos by @fredashphotography

Actress Ruth Nyenti

 Tv Show Host Pamela Happi

Miss P photos by @asonganyipoctures

 Photography studio @studio9douala

Artist Miss O.K LaLa

Camera actress Onyama Laura & model Sana Tanya

Photography by @Studio89
Dress by @maretawest
Makeup by @Ayana by Vanessa Williams Taxo
Make up and photography studio @RMB

Andddd of course from chef Tina's steamy kitchen

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Wish you a very happy day filled with love and joy and also happy Ash Wednesday!

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