Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Look Book | Why The Reawakening Collection Of Liiber London Is Unique!

Camer's leading women's brand Liiber London,  has unveiled their new collection; "REAWAKENING"
The creative head of Liiber London; Anrette Ngafor is a personification of boldness,  feminity,  beauty and brilliance. Looking at her other collections we think this one is quite unique and different. See why we think this collection is a must have.


1- The collection features feminine,  bold and edgy pieces,  with a mélange of unique fabrics like lace, satins and sequins with extra detailing.

2- This collection was also heavily influenced by her love for music and lights which are a major factor of her work.

3- The collection in itself its an embodiment of creativity and style.
4- Its also a collection meant for all body types with a touch of special edginess.

5- This collection is rich in colours and brings out the beauty in every fashionable woman.

 To Anrette,  the idea of fashion is truly what reflects beauty around and within us. It is a state of mind that is really deep beyond our imagination even during the darkest moments of our lives we can find true beauty. Re awakening will make every woman of any shape feel sexy. It will 're awaken every piece of beauty within...
 The woman who wears LL is naturally classy and is not afraid to show her inner boldness and strong points. See more photos below.

For more details
00237 674428340 You can also connect with her on their facebook page @liiberlondon
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