Thursday, 5 April 2018

Glow MOnAT Style I Vol 2: Styles We Love

Hi there #glowers!
Last time on GM Style, we shared our favourite style picks for that week.
    Today, we are sharing styles that have caught our eyes this week and within the past few weeks since today is actually #throwback Thursday!

IRENE MAJOR is our #237 sister who takes things a little further in fashion than most, but it actually works for her and we love it!

The London based singer, model, socialite and mother of 7 is  a lover of style and fashion.

CHRISTELLE NGANHOU is one of the co-founders of "Grass Fields" and this red hot little number had to make the list!

JOAN NGOMBA is our favourite tv show host and blogger at Dcoded. This little jacket on that blue! What's not to love?

OBI KATE is our #237 sweetheart! From singing some of our favourite songs to taking the fashion lovers to another level through her shop @okstyles, this damsel knows how to turn heads!

LUCIE MEMBE B. Is a Cameroonian actress and fashion icon! Watch her bring your beauty to light through her clothing line Fee De Lucie!

VALERIE AYENA  is that beauty queen that leaves a very long lasting impression! It's hard to look away from this outfit! Gray and black so perfectly put together!

OKAWA SHAZNAY is a #237 actress whose fashion sense has left us in awe every single time! It's simple, it's beautiful, it's cute!

SANDRHA FON DUFE is an actress, best selling writer, women's right activist, and so much more!
Every time she steps out, a fashion statement is made!
A cardigan on a flare skirt never looked better! 

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