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Hello dear #glowers! Here is the post everyone has been waiting for!

10 women selected from a list of about 35 nominees ! Hardworking, strong, beautiful women who are making the light in the world shine a little brighter, one empowering move at a time!

In this post, we are celebrating all women who are working tirelessly to make sure the world understands that women are worth so much more ! But especially those we have selected,  who are not only at the top of their game, but still reaching further as they empower and inspire other women.

Please join us celebrate these women and all their hardworking within the last year and beyond!


This Woman of destiny, as we call her, is a bright shining star that won't stop shining! 

Within the last year alone,she has hosted some prestigious shows, stood with presidents and other dignitaries, started a while movement and more! 

Her kind heart and love for others, her determination,  her positive spirit, and drive for success, are only a few of the reasons why we celebrate her today! 

We see you heading for the top girl, and we are here to support! You go girl !!!


Dr Kate, or aunty Kate as we call her is our #wonderwoman! 

In addition to helping the sick,  she has taken on the beauty industry in Cameroon by storm!  Her beauty/makeup school is one of the top in the nation. 

RMB, which is the name of her brand , is one of the leading makeup brands, doing makeup for major events, shows, pageants, and more!  She has also added photography to the mix which makes it a powerful combo! 

Her skills and business mind are only some of the many reasons we celebrate her today! Keep soaring! 


Mom, actress, model, business woman! Which other title will we be adding to her name this year we can't wait to find out!

Such an amazing person. 

Lucie has one of the most creative minds, and is a very talented actress! 

She recently launched her clothing line which has taken off as one of the top brands in the nation. 

She is very determined, and that's one of the reasons we celebrate her today! 

Keep shining!!!


Former miss Cameroon and runway model Valrie is one of our favorite people here at glow! 

Her glow is extraordinary,  both externally and from the inside! She is fun loving, super stylish, and her poses are one of the reasons she excels as a model! She has mastered the art of modelling and is not only at the top of her game, but is reaching for the stars !

Valerie is an example of a woman who wants to see other women win. From organising competitions that bring out the best in women, to always giving others an opportunity to shine, is why we celebrate her today!

Besides,  her Instagram account is one of those we are constantly watching! (wink)

We love you girl! This is just the beginning and we can't wait to see you take over !


3 fun facts                               
 She is obsessed with cleanliness and organising stuffs. She always wants everything to look perfect the way she wants it!

 White wine , Coffee and dark chocolate are her weaknesses .

She is Scared of the dark , she sleeps with the lights or TV on.

This mama of 2 says her strength and motivation come from her kids, who are her pride and joy! 

Without seeing the whole staircase,  this bold woman took the first step in creating her own company based only on faith! 

   Her Foundation is one of the top rising for women and young girls in Cameroon and Africa as a whole! 

"Impacting lives through my Foundation is the most selfless thing I have ever done. I am so proud of myself for this journey and also the response and support I get is mind blowing. Educating young girls , elevating their self confidence and seeing the smiles on their faces during every outreach is one of the  highlights of my life and has become my life goal". ( Stephanie Tum)

" I am not were I was yesterday mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have gone through some really tough things in life but I have never allowed them to define me.I glow through my struggles. I am a work in progress , learning everyday and becoming the best version of myself each step of my journey. I am proud of the woman I am and ecstatic about the woman I am becoming". (Stephanie Tum)

Well, we are also ecstatic about the woman you are and becoming , and we can't wait to see you keep rising!


Well, this young lady needs no introduction! She is widely know in Cameroon,  Africa, and beyond! A shining star, a told model for young women, with an amazing personality! This humble woman has had concerts in 3 continents within the last year! She went out and chased her dream of becoming a musician and never looked back! Today, we celebrate her determination and success! 

Keep shining girl, much love from us always! 


Fun facts
1 Her favourite colour is ‘blue’ but she rarely wears it
2 She is a good listener but if she gets excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption !

3 she hates bullying.So if you bully anyone,you simply give her a chance to ignore you forever 

4 She is bit obsessive about cleanliness and organisation 

5 She is very prayerful

6 she is a  lover of dogs reasons why she has 8 

7 She loves travelling and has been to 16 countries.

Despite being pregnant for the most part of the year, this young mother of a gorgeous baby girl didn't bow down to morning sickness and swollen feet! She rolled back her sleeves and made a miracle of her movie ! 
This movie, ‘A MAN FOR THE WEEKEND’ , was bought by 5 airlines
Brussels,Air France,South African Airways,Quater Airways And KLM!!!

She is also brand ambassador to 3 international brands:SOLEZA,ABB and BELLASTAR
And of course,  with her heart of gold,  Sponsored 4 kids she didn’t know in school! 

Kudos girl !!!


Fun facts 
Liz is a very reserved person! She loves pizza, and one of her favourite things is dancing at home! 

This young designer is fast becoming a household name in designing in the country and won the award for Top designer 2018!  She is new to the game but already one of the best in the nation. She has been featured in top magazines and shows, and her recent collection #pinme is looking up already! 

We can't wait to see the new things you bring to the designing game. Keep it up girl!


3 Fun Facts 

-She loves watching Nollywood Movies.

-She doesn't like fufu corn, because in her mouth it tastes like chalk!

-When she gets nervous or embarrassed, the first thing first thing she does is to smile/laugh

 Clarisse is what we will call a #superwoman! 

CEO of @betamedia237 an Award winning PR Agency

Editor-in-chief/owner of @betatinz ( which is our favourite gist spot by the way )

Founder of @betagirlsonline 
Created @BetaNightCmr 
A Global Goodwill Ambassador
An Award winning Gender Equality Advocate.
An award winning PR.
A mentor, mother, friend, sister, lover...shall we continue? 

Today, we celebrate this force of a woman! 


Three fun facts about Queen Nora!
1. Growing up she was a serial Tomboy;
2. She’s the youngest of Six siblings.
3. She is obsessed with and loves watching Cartoons.

It is often said that once a queen, always a queen! Since winning Miss Cameroon USA in 2014, Nora has continued with her passion for helping others. Her charitable heart is one of the many reasons we celebrate her today!

She is relentless at breaking down doors to new opportunities and debuted in acting quite recently. Hardworking, kind, humble,  we can't wait to see what this queen does next!

These are the ladies who made our list! Who are those on your list? Please comment on any of our social media sites (as blogger may no longer support comments) and we will give them a shout out and feature them on our platforms!

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